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What are the most dangerous roads in Morristown, New Jersey?

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2023 | Personal Injury |

Morristown, New Jersey experiences plenty of car crashes. They can occur right at the end of someone’s driveway or at busy intersections. Crashes can occur at any place where motorists become distracted or encounter unexpected obstacles in the road. Of course, some roads and intersections tend to feature more risk factors for a crash than others.

Therefore, there are certain locations that are statistically more likely to inspire major car crashes than others. Drivers who know where their risk is highest can either avoid those locations or at least embrace more safety-conscious practices at those high-risk locations.

Design, traffic density and speed limits all influence risk

There are some consistent factors present at many of the most dangerous locations. The number of vehicles coming through a segment of road, the general speed at which traffic travels and even design factors, like how wide the road is and how visible other angles of approach are kennel influence the likelihood of a severe collision.

When looking at crash data gathered between 2005 and 2021, certain areas seem far more dangerous than others. The section of Interstate 287 South of South Street sees a large number of crashes. There are also many crashes reported on New Jersey Route 35 in the same area. Mount Kemble Avenue or U.S. Route 202 near the border of Morristown also sees a high level of fatal collisions. Where Madison Avenue crosses Morristown Medical Center Drive also sees more fatal crashes than other roads or intersections.

Many of these dangerous areas are places where traffic density is quite high and the typical speed of vehicles is high as well. All too often, those in a rush may make oversights when monitoring their surroundings, which can have tragic results.

Harm reduction practices, like identifying areas where crashes are more of a risk, can go a long way toward improving someone’s overall safety in traffic. As a result, proactively identifying major risk factors can help those who want to prioritize safety for themselves and the occupants of their vehicles in the Morristown area.



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