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Compassionate Representation For Palimony Issues

As our society has changed, people’s living arrangements have changed as well. More often, couples choose to live together without marrying, for reasons ranging from reducing financial obligations to a simple lack of desire to pursue the formality of marriage.

Unfortunately, the law in New Jersey has not kept pace with society’s changes. While people ending a marriage have many legal rights regarding financial support, people leaving a long-term relationship that did not include a marriage certificate often have far fewer rights.

For years, the Morristown palimony attorneys at Laufer, Dalena, Jensen, Bradley & Doran, LLC, have helped unmarried individuals pursue and defend against palimony cases following the dissolution of a nonmarital relationship. If you have questions regarding palimony, either as a prospective recipient or payer of palimony, we can help. Call a law firm that has handled dozens of palimony cases for unmarried couples. Call 973-975-4043.

Palimony And The Statute Of Frauds

In 2010, New Jersey’s palimony statute was modified to fall under the statute of frauds. Under the current law, you will not be able to obtain palimony unless you and your partner agreed to it in writing.

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