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Temporary Child Custody Attorneys In Morris County, New Jersey

Life does not stop when you are going through a divorce. This fact is especially true for parents who need to arrange the schedules and everyday activities of their children while going through divorce proceedings. There are a few ways in which parents can establish temporary child custody to keep a regular schedule until a formal child custody arrangement can be reached. While they are not always required, temporary child custody agreements are often useful for co-parents.

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Pendente Lite Agreements And New Jersey Parents

Pendente lite or “pending litigation” agreements are commonly reached between divorcing spouses. These agreements are not limited to child custody and may also include issues such as temporary child support and alimony. Essentially, there are two basic options for reaching such an agreement during a divorce.

The first option is reached in an amicable agreement out of court. This is a great option for spouses who do not have any major disputes and can agree to a temporary arrangement while the permanent terms of their divorce agreement are being worked out.

Alternatively, spouses can petition the courts to help them come to a temporary agreement. Within the context of temporary child custody agreements, one or both parents can ask for a temporary child custody hearing. At this point, the courts will review the case and issue a court order that will govern child custody until your final agreement is reached.

What Is Considered During Temporary Child Custody Hearings?

If you or your co-parent chooses to formally request a child custody hearing, there will be a process by which the courts examine your situation and create a temporary child custody agreement. It is the position of the courts that the best interests of the child is the primary objective of these hearings. Judges may consider the following when determining the terms of your agreement:

  • Financial standing of each co-parent
  • Living situation of each co-parent
  • Relocation of a parent
  • Relationship of the child with each co-parent, and how involved each has been with taking care of the child
  • Child’s needs
  • Ability of parents to communicate and co-parent effectively
  • Much more

Common Temporary Custody Arrangements

Temporary child custody agreements generally follow similar standards to final child custody agreements. However, it is important to understand that your temporary child custody agreement will not be considered during your divorce proceedings. Your final child custody agreement will be heard independently. The only exception might be if there are issues with the arrangements of a temporary child custody agreement leading to a scenario where a change is clearly needed.

Along these lines, there are three basic child custody arrangements for New Jersey co-parents:

Sole physical child custody – When a child spends fewer than two overnights with the noncustodial parent, that is considered a sole child custody arrangement. Noncustodial parents are frequently granted ample parenting time (visitation) in these arrangements to ensure they still get quality time with their child.

Shared physical child custody – In any arrangement where the child spends significant custodial time with each co-parent, but not equal time, that is considered shared custody. This is common for parents on good terms who live close together.

Joint physical child custody – For some parents, a joint child custody agreement where a child spends his or her time equally with each co-parent is possible. This is uncommon due to the extremely high level of coordination and cooperation required.

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