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Injured At Work?

One glance at the federal government’s labyrinthine workers’ compensation website instantly reveals the complexity of workers’ compensation law and of filing a claim. At the outset, the requirements for filing a claim in New Jersey are simple and just twofold:

  • That the worker be injured
  • That the worker to be injured at work

If you have been injured at work you are likely owed workers’ compensation benefits. Yet the process too often becomes confusing and frustrating. Why handle the difficult and often lengthy process of applying for and receiving benefits? Instead, hire a law firm that has experience in handling thousands of workers’ compensation claims since 1986.

Experienced In Gaining Approval Of Work Comp Claims

Firm attorney Jim Jensen is highly skilled at identifying key components of workers’ compensation claims, and in gaining ASAP approval for benefit payments. We can help you both at the onset of your claim or later, after your initial claim has been denied. Costs to you for workers’ compensation benefits are low; laws in place limit attorney fees to approximately 8 percent of your disability cash award. If you don’t recover money, you don’t owe us anything.

We work with doctors and other medical providers to strengthen your case, and will work to obtain all existing evidence to support your claim, including medical records. We will also always accompany you to court, hearings and pretrial conferences as we seek to establish your temporary or permanent disability rating.

If you have questions regarding workers’ compensation, contact us. We can pursue compensation for medical expenses, lost pay and a disability cash award, as well as deal with applicable insurance companies. We will also always obtain your consent before settling your case, and will provide ongoing advice regarding reopening your case in the future. If you need to file a personal injury claim as well as a workers’ comp claim, we can handle this for you.

At Laufer, Dalena, Jensen, Bradley & Doran, LLC, in Morristown, if we accept your case, we are committed to successfully pursuing and obtaining a cash award for you based on the severity of your injury. Learn more about hiring an attorney.

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For experienced legal help regarding workers’ compensation, contact our firm for a consultation. We accept Mastercard and Visa, are available for evening and weekend appointments, and charge reasonable rates. Our offices are conveniently located one-half block from the Morristown Green. To contact us, send an email or call 973-975-4043.