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Experienced Divorce Mediators And Arbitrators In Morristown

Our court-approved divorce mediation attorneys at Laufer, Dalena, Jensen, Bradley & Doran, LLC, are among the most experienced in New Jersey. We represent clients in divorce mediation proceedings and we regularly serve as neutral mediators in divorce mediation.

When disputes arise during a divorce that involve where children will live, how parenting schedules should work, and how much property is worth and how it should be divided, our divorce attorneys work tirelessly to achieve fair and equitable settlements. Our representation means that the parties do not have to participate in prolonged and expensive litigation.

How Mediation Works

The bulk of our neutral mediation services involve disputes over the division of assets, debts, and spousal support and maintenance. In many counties, family court judges require divorcing couples to attempt to mediate financial disputes before they can proceed with litigation of those issues. This requirement is imposed because mediation is a useful and productive tool that can save the parties time and money in litigating their case.

Because of our lawyers’ considerable experience representing clients in divorce mediation and in performing divorce mediations, courts regularly refer cases to us that involve complex financial issues such as location and valuation of assets, family-owned business valuations, professional practice valuations, and distribution of investment accounts and retirement funds.

If you are seeking an alternative to litigation for resolution of economic matters related to your divorce, contact us to speak with an experienced divorce mediation lawyer or divorce mediator.

Helping You Explore Your Options

In addition to their participation in divorce mediation, our attorneys represent clients in divorce arbitration cases and serve as divorce arbitrators. In divorce arbitration, a couple chooses one neutral party to act as a judge and agrees to consider the rulings as legally binding. Couples present arguments and evidence to this arbitrator, and the arbitrator makes judgments and decisions that are legally binding.

Arbitration, like mediation, is a much faster process than traditional divorce as you don’t have to wait for a court date. It is also much more private as any evidence heard in an arbitration setting as well as judgments are not a matter of court or public record.

Our divorce arbitrators are impartial, experienced and ready to help you through the divorce process in a more private and less contentious setting. Contact us today to learn more about the arbitration process and how we can help you.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Services (ADR)

John J. Harper provides mediation and arbitration services in a wide range of civil and family matters as described in his biography found under Attorneys.

Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce Mediation

Mediation is becoming mainstream, but people still have a lot of questions. Below are some of the ones we hear the most.

What are the benefits of choosing divorce mediation over litigation?

Typically, mediation is a cost-effective alternative to litigation, since it generally requires fewer court appearances. That keeps your attorney fees down. In addition, mediation tends to produce solutions that are tailored to each family’s unique needs, which is different from the standard orders that are usually issued by the court. Finally, mediation also encourages a cooperative approach toward problem-solving that can allow a divorcing couple to maintain a cordial relationship.

What is the role of a divorce mediator in the process?

A divorce mediator is a neutral party. They do not judge, nor offer legal guidance. Their role is to facilitate communication between the opposing parties in a safe environment in the hopes that the issues between opposing parties can be resolved without litigation. The mediator may redirect the focus of conversations and help each party understand their options throughout the process.

How does divorce mediation help in maintaining a respectful relationship for the children’s best interest?

Mediation can help divorcing parents approach issues concerning the children as a team. Instead of engaging in a custody battle, divorcing parents can focus on creating a parenting plan. Divorce mediation can set the stage for a healthy co-parenting relationship in the future.

How does divorce mediation assist in creating workable child custody and parenting time plans?

When a court sets down a custody and parenting plan, it is usually very formulaic. There is little room for individual or creative adaptations. When mediation is used, parents are largely free to create any custody and parenting plan that they believe is best for their children’s needs. The fact that both parents have input into the final decision also makes them more likely to stick to the agreements in the future.

What types of cases can be resolved through divorce mediation in New Jersey?

Nearly any divorce issue can be handled through mediation. Commonly, the issues that are resolved through divorce mediation include property and debt division, custody and parenting plans and issues involving child support and alimony.

Contact Our Morristown Mediation And Arbitration Lawyers Today

Laufer, Dalena, Jensen, Bradley & Doran, LLC, features a highly recognized and experienced family law team. Many of our members have been included on the Super Lawyers list as it relates to family law, some for many years running. To view a complete list of our lawyers and the dates of their inclusion in the Super Lawyers list, check out our attorney profiles or the section below.

Our trained divorce mediators are ready to help you peaceably, privately and quickly resolve any of your divorce issues, including asset division, child custody, child support and alimony. To learn more about the mediation process or to find a mediator to suit your particular needs, contact us online or through our Morristown offices at 973-975-4043 today.