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Divorce and relationships: Help your children cope with changes

In a family, there are always many different dynamics in play. The children may be learning to cope at school or with new friendships. The adults who may not be getting along well. The dynamics between the parents and children may also be complicated.

With so many factors playing a role in your everyday life, it's easy to see why a divorce would disrupt any normalcy you have. This is particularly difficult for children, who may be set in their routines and in how they view their family members.

Car crashes: Your body takes the impact

Car accidents have the potential to cause many kinds of injuries. Some of the most common include whiplash, lacerations, broken bones, muscle strains, sprains and internal injuries. It's possible to suffer a head injury, chest injury and other injuries, too.

After a car crash, you may feel disoriented. Your body is going through chemical and physical reactions to the collision. It releases endorphins and adrenaline. This may make you more alert and give you the strength to get out of a dangerous situation, but it also means you're less likely to feel pain and could be suffering from major injuries without realizing it. That's why it's always suggested to go to the hospital after you get hit.

Find out more about filing a claim for a slip-and-fall accident

In the summer and fall, you might not think that a slip-and-fall accident would happen. However, as the temperatures begin to drop and frost forms at night, it's more common to see accidents happen.

Of course, slip-and-fall accidents can happen anywhere. They could happen as you walk down a set of rickety stairs or make your way down a slick pathway. Whatever the situation is, the owner of the property may be liable for your injuries if you fall on their property.

If you have kids, don't make divorce you vs. your ex

Do you have children? Are you planning to get divorced? If so, make sure you have the right mindset. You have to put the kids first.

Above all else, this means that you should never turn it into a situation where it feels like it is you vs. your ex. This is true both during and after the divorce. The two of you are parents to your children. Forget about everything else. Don't worry so much about your relationship. Worry about what you do and how it impacts the kids.

Why would you choose mediation if it is not binding?

Mediation is a type of alternative dispute resolution. It creates a more casual atmosphere where the couple going through the divorce can sit down with one another and discuss their specific dispute.

While in mediation, a third-party mediator is present to listen to concerns about the divorce. The mediator may help by providing legal knowledge or talking about solutions that worked for other people, but the mediator will not push the couple to agree in any specific way.

Mediation could be a good solution to your divorce woes

When you and your spouse first decided to get a divorce, you were in agreement. In fact, you didn't think there were many hard feelings at all. You'd simply grown apart, and you both felt like it was better that you separated.

While you were thinking that the divorce would be amicable, your spouse apparently had other intentions. For most assets, there was no question about who would keep them, but for your major assets, your spouse has done nothing but argue. Even when you believe you're being fair, they still reject any ideas you propose.

Should you change your child's custody schedule due to work?

As a parent, one of the most frustrating things to deal with is a major change in your schedule at work. It is particularly hard to manage when you're also divorced and have to juggle your custody schedule.

The thing to remember is that major changes in your work schedule may make it necessary to seek a post-divorce modification of your custody schedule. You and your ex-spouse may be on good terms and able to renegotiate the terms of your custody schedule. If you aren't, then you can petition the court for help.

Get help for repetitive-strain injuries to the hands

Of the injuries you could suffer on the job, one that is possible in almost any workplace is a repetitive-stress injury. The body parts that have a high potential of suffering from injuries due to repetitive stress are the hands.

As you may know, the hands are complex. They are made of tendons, bones, nerves and muscles. With over 25 bones in each hand, it's no wonder that it's easy for them to become injured.

How do broken bones affect you?

When you got into a wreck, you knew immediately that you were badly hurt. After being rushed to the hospital, it turned out that you broke several bones and needed surgery to correct the breaks.

On the whole, bone fractures are not dangerous or life-changing. However, there are times when they can have a profound impact on your life and lead to chronic pain or other complications.

Collaborative law could help you complete your divorce quickly

Collaborative law is a relatively new way to help couples resolve disputes outside the court room. This technique aims to problem-solve and find solutions that work rather than to fight or argue, and aim to win. In collaborative law cases, both parties still need to have separate attorneys to protect their own interests. Each attorney will be tasked with helping the couple settle the dispute without having to go to court.

If a couple agrees to the collaborative law method, they are unable to go to court. If they decide to turn to the court for help, their attorneys will be disqualified from working on the case and the collaborative process will end immediately.

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