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Amazon's on-site care could be dangerous for workers

Sometimes, employers have their own emergency care services provided on site. Whether or not that's good care is a completely different story.

According to a Dec. 2 report, Amazon's on-site emergency care actually endangers the workers that it should be protecting. Why? The care team doesn't always follow company protocol.

16-year-old male killed in Lime scooter accident

In many cities, you're starting to see scooters and bikes that you can rent by the minute, half-hour and hour. These exciting rentals hook up to an app on your phone, so they're easy to use.

Unfortunately, they aren't always safe to use in the local area. After a teen in New Jersey was killed in Elizabeth, Lime e-scooters were banned from the streets there.

Don't let these myths about mediation hold you back

Many people believe that divorces have to be volatile and aggressive, but the reality is that you can get through a divorce without fighting and without shutting down communication. One way to do this is through the use of mediation sessions.

Mediation is a huge benefit to many people who are going through divorce. Why? A third party is there to keep them on track and to help steer the conversation. A mediator also has the experience and knowledge to help you both understand more about the decisions you make.

Dispute resolution can help you file an uncontested NJ divorce

The average person likely thinks of contentious court hearings when they picture a divorce, but a court battle is not an inevitable part of the modern New Jersey divorce system. It is possible for you to effectively resolve everything on your own before you even file for divorce. Although it is true that the family courts will review your divorce documentation, they are not the only way for you and your ex to set the terms for the end of your marriage.

You can set terms before you officialize your divorce in what is known as an uncontested divorce filing. As the name implies, an uncontested divorce filing occurs when both divorcing parties agree that a divorce is necessary and set mutually agreeable written terms for the division of their assets and parental rights and responsibilities. Uncontested divorces tend to be much faster, and therefore more affordable.

Can you foster or adopt in New Jersey?

Adoption is one way to grow your family and help you feel complete as a parent. If you and your spouse, or if you on your own, would like to adopt, it is a complex process. You may have many questions and concerns, which is why it's advisable to work with someone familiar with the state laws.

Many people choose to foster before they adopt, which is one of the faster ways to have a child placed in your home. If you would like to foster a child, remember that there will be a process to go through first. A home study may be ordered, and you may have to go through a background check, pre-service training and several interviews. Any household members will also need to be interviewed, and you may need to provide references from child-care providers, your employer and others.

Severe weather strikes New Jersey: Know how to protect yourself

Dangerous weather is always something to consider if you're going out on the road. Strong winds can topple trees and cause damage to homes or even come down on top of vehicles.

Recent severe weather left several areas in New Jersey without power on Nov. 1, and at least one person was hurt by a falling tree. The weather turned foul, and there were tornado warnings and significant damage from the winds.

Woman's reaction to perfume leads to interesting court case

If you go to work and are hurt on the job, then you should be able to pursue a claim for workers' compensation. In some cases, an employer may feel that they should not be held liable, but if your injury takes place on the job, the likelihood is that they will be held liable by those with the power to do so.

Scents and perfumes are often in the office, so can you pursue a claim if one sets off your asthma, if you have an allergic reaction or if you suffer a chronic lung condition as a result of exposure? If it happened while you were on the job, the chances are that you can.

Child's family wins case after she's hurt on playground slide

Personal injuries can range from traumatic head injuries to sprained ankles. No matter what kind you suffer from, it's frustrating and can make it hard to do the things you love.

Even if you get medical treatment after an accident, some injuries aren't guaranteed to heal completely. You may also suffer from scarring that lasts many years (or the rest of your life). That's why it's important to hold those who harmed you responsible for their actions.

What kinds of alternative dispute resolution should you try?

Going through a divorce can be tough, but nothing is worse than knowing that each day is going to be a fight. If you and your spouse can't get along well, then it may be hard to agree to settlements or to negotiate with one another.

Not negotiating and refusing to work together drags out a divorce, makes it cost more and takes up more of your time. Not working together results in having to go to court, too, which can be a nerve-wracking event for some people.

Secret ways your spouse could try to hide assets in a divorce

One of the biggest sources of contention in a New Jersey divorce is deciding how to split up your assets with your former spouse. It is common for people to disagree about what is fair or reasonable at the end of their marriage. Some people will dig their heels in and fight over every penny, while others will take a more indirect approach to getting what they want.

Hiding assets is a surprisingly common tactic that people take in the months leading up to a divorce. Although you may never consider trying to subvert the legal process, it is possible that your ex might. The best way to protect yourself is to learn a little bit about common ways that people hide assets in their divorces.

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