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Morristown Parenting Time And Visitation Attorneys

Questions regarding child custody, visitation and parenting time are often at the forefront of any family law dispute.

At the family law firm of Laufer, Dalena, Jensen, Bradley & Doran, LLC, in Morristown, we understand parents’ need to spend consistent, ongoing and quality time with their children, and have helped hundreds of New Jersey parents and families achieve their child custody and visitation goals.

Do not risk your child custody and visitation rights by handling your case alone. At Laufer, Dalena, Jensen, Bradley & Doran, LLC, we provide experienced, caring and aggressive legal help. Call 973-975-4043.

We Help Parents Secure Time With Their Children

Numerous factors can influence a judge’s decision regarding child custody and visitation. What is the child’s preference? Does either parent abuse alcohol or drugs? Does a parent suffer from psychological problems? What is the availability of each parent to provide for the custodial needs of the child? How does the court determine the best interests of a child? When should I employ the assistance of a psychological expert?

Our attorney team has strong ties with forensic psychologists, psychiatrists and other experts appointed by the courts. Court staff members are not experts in many issues relating to children and to parental personal issues. By using experts, we can work to demonstrate that your child custody and visitation goals are consistent with your child’s best interests.

Do your child custody goals involve questions of supervised vs. unsupervised parenting time? Is it highly important to you that you are appointed as the custodial parent, and that your home serves as your child’s primary residence? Talk to an attorney at Laufer, Dalena, Jensen, Bradley & Doran, LLC, for more information and full legal representation.

In addition to indefinite custody arrangements, we also assist parents with temporary child custody and out-of-state child relocation disputes. We also represent grandparents seeking visitation or guardianship rights.

How is child custody determined in New Jersey?

There are many factors that a judge considers when determining child custody. Common factors include the means that each parent has to raise the child, if relocation is necessary for the child to stay with a parent, and even the child’s own preferences. The primary factor is the best interests of the child, however.

Can a grandparent get visitation or custody rights?

It is possible for grandparents to gain reasonable visitation with their grandchild. The request is commonly made after a parent passes on, or before, during or after the divorce the grandchild’s parents initiated.

Do I need a lawyer to help me with child custody?

Some parents make the assumption that they will automatically get the outcome they want in their child custody needs. A lawyer can help make your voice heard in the courtroom, and ensure that the judge recognizes the truth of the situation.

Is child custody/parenting time modifiable?

It is possible for parents to modify the details of their divorce agreement, but not for any small reason. If a parent experiences a change such as a major medical need, change in career, or a need for reasonable relocation, they may be able to earn a modification.

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