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Experienced New Jersey Firm In Collaborative Divorce Cases

For some divorcing couples, a collaborative divorce may be a logical solution. Usually in divorce, mediation and litigation are at the forefront of options considered. However, a collaborative divorce ranks right in the middle of the two; perhaps a hybrid between mediation and litigation. This takes on more of a problem-solving approach to divorce, rather than a legal fight to win.

If you are considering a collaborative divorce, we can assist. Laufer, Dalena, Jensen, Bradley & Doran, LLC, of Morris County, New Jersey, is an experienced firm that understands family law. Our attorneys are sensitive, understanding and empathetic. A divorce is never easy and can prove difficult, but we hope to achieve a smooth outcome.

Numerous Benefits Of A Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is a means for couples to find creative resolutions to issues related to every aspect of divorce, including property division, child custody and visitation, spousal maintenance and child support. It is a solutions-oriented approach that endeavors to preserve the well-being of the family post divorce. This is vital when the spouses are going to continue to co-parent their children after the marriage has ended.

While each party to a collaborative divorce is represented by their own attorney, the process avoids the adversarial nature of traditional divorce. Instead, the spouses and their lawyers work together on finding common ground and reaching solutions that are mutually acceptable. By putting the decision-making power in the spouses’ hands and helping to largely avoid court, collaborative divorce gives you the chance to settle your divorce with dignity and maintain a respectful relationship with your former spouse.

Find Out If Collaborative Divorce Is Right For You

As an effective family law firm, we will guide you through a collaborative divorce proceeding. It’s important to find solutions that you and your former spouse can both agree upon. Laufer, Dalena, Jensen, Bradley & Doran, LLC, is a knowledgeable and understanding law firm that’s well-established in the state. For a consultation, contact our lawyers online or call 973-975-4043.