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The link between car accidents and TBIs

| May 24, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Traumatic brain injuries are fairly common in New Jersey and around the country, and they often result from an auto accident. Some cases are very serious with obvious external injuries, and others are seemingly minor. However, even minor head injuries can still result in post concussion trauma syndrome as time goes on. Unlike other injuries that may heal in a reasonable time frame, head injuries do not always respond in this manner.

Post trauma stress disorder and mild TBI

Also known as PTSD, injuries to the head that are not apparent immediately after an accident can still become much worse over time. This is how PTSD develops. Cognitive abilities can be impacted as well as loss of memory, and any manifesting damage can continue unnoticed without proper diagnosis. Even minor to moderate TBI impairments can be very serious, and general damages awards from personal injury claims can be extensive following an auto accident when there will be long-term lingering impact.

Car accident TBI claims

While non-apparent head injuries can develop into a serious TBI situation, injured victims still commonly have only one opportunity for being compensated after a traffic accident. Head injuries are actually the most difficult to evaluate for long-term impact because of the limited ability for the brain to heal outside of surgery. The need of surgery along with all other ongoing considerations can then enhance a general damages claim significantly when a New Jersey personal injury attorney takes a case before a jury for proper financial recovery.

Anyone in New Jersey who has received a potential TBI in an auto accident should seek medical attention as soon as possible regardless of its extent. Just because you can function today does not mean an unchecked internal condition cannot worsen.