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Safety while working as a nurse

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

Nurses in New Jersey often face situations where they have to practice the safest standards of care. If a nurse becomes ill or injured at work, it can result in a life-changing experience. There are a few ways that nurses can monitor their surroundings so that there is a decreased risk of being injured while working.

One of the first things that nurses can do to stay safe at work is to wash their hands. Gloves should also be worn when working with patients to decrease the chances of passing viruses or bacteria back and forth. Any equipment used with patients should be operated correctly. This is also a step that can be taken to decrease workers’ compensation claims being filed due to nurses being injured on the job. Nurses should use safe body mechanics when lifting patients to prevent muscle strains and injuries. If a nurse needs help with a patient, there is nothing wrong with asking for assistance.

Vaccinations are important in the fight to stay safe while on the job. When working with needles, nurses should practice safety precautions, including wearing gloves and using other equipment. All sharp objects should be placed in the proper container after they are used. Nurses should wear protective equipment, including a gown and a mask, when working with patients, especially when fluids are involved. Personal care is important for nurses as well so that they are healthy while at work. This type of care includes getting plenty of sleep and consuming a healthy diet.

A nurse who is injured on the job after following all the safety precautions can speak with an attorney who can assist with filing a workers’ compensation claim. A lawyer can review the details of the incident to determine if the nurse did anything to exacerbate the injury or if the employer was responsible at the time. A compensation claim can include lost wages and medical treatments.



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