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Why rural roadways are dangerous

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2020 | Personal Injury |

While New Jersey is a largely urban state with many highways and city roads, the state also has its share of rural roads. Drivers actually need to exercise extra care on these roads due to the dangers involved in driving on them. This is contrary to their perception of rural roads as safe spaces.

Perhaps it is the overconfidence that drivers have that makes these roads dangerous. Motorists think that there are no other drivers or police in the vicinity, so they may drive faster or more recklessly. They may also skip wearing a seatbelt because they feel free being out in the open. However, the reality is that the sightlines of rural roads mean that they may not be able to see other drivers. Meanwhile, they may be struggling to deal with unfamiliar terrain and trying to figure out where they are going at the same time.

Rural roads tend to be narrow and most only have two lanes. This makes passing more difficult and dangerous. Drivers may take chances when they get stuck behind slow traffic. The lack of lights adds to the danger when drivers are trying to navigate dark roads at night. Finally, the distance from hospitals means that medical care may be delayed in a serious accident, making it more likely than an injured driver may not survive the crash.

When one has been injured in a crash on a rural road, or any other road, they may be entitled to financial compensation if they are injured and not at fault. They can hire an attorney to file a personal injury lawsuit on their behalf in court. If they are successful, they may be able to receive compensation for their injuries, including lost wages, pain and suffering and the cost of medical care.



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