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Dump truck causes crash after getting stuck on power lines

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2019 | Personal Injury |

When drivers with tall vehicles are traveling, they need to make sure that their vehicles are driven safely. Failing to put down the trailer on a dump truck, for example, could lead to serious problems if the drive comes up to a bridge or low power lines.

That’s what happened in this case out of Andover Township. According to a Nov. 27 report, three people ended up with injuries after a dump truck with an elevated bed got snagged on low power lines and drove into oncoming traffic.

The dump truck struck a vehicle as it drove into the opposite lane, leaving the 61-year-old driver of the dump truck and two victims in the Volvo sedan seriously injured. The victims were all alert at the scene, but the dump truck driver and the passenger in the Volvo had to be flown to Morristown Medical Center.

The dump truck driver was issued summonses for failure to maintain lane and careless driving. The authorities are still investigating what happened, so further charges are pending.

A crash like this is a reminder that collisions can happen almost anywhere and for many unusual reasons. If a driver cannot control their vehicle for any reason, then there is a risk that they could pass into oncoming traffic and cause a serious collision.

If you are a victim of a crash like this one, you’re not alone. Your attorney will help by taking over the legal aspects of your case, so they can help you negotiate for the compensation you need to cover your financial losses.



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