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Find out more about filing a claim for a slip-and-fall accident

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2019 | Personal Injury |

In the summer and fall, you might not think that a slip-and-fall accident would happen. However, as the temperatures begin to drop and frost forms at night, it’s more common to see accidents happen.

Of course, slip-and-fall accidents can happen anywhere. They could happen as you walk down a set of rickety stairs or make your way down a slick pathway. Whatever the situation is, the owner of the property may be liable for your injuries if you fall on their property.

How do you know if the owner is liable for the fall?

In most slip-and-fall cases, you’ll need to show that the owner of the property should have known there was a fall hazard. For example, if the ground is slick when wet, you’d expect to see a hazard sign or other warnings in place. Even a verbal warning could be helpful since you would be more cautious about walking on the slippery surface. It’s smart to take photos or to remember witnesses if you get hurt on someone else’s property so that you have some proof to support your claims.

Sometimes, accidents happen and won’t be the fault of a property owner, like if you wear high heels and fall while holding on to the railings. If the owner wasn’t negligent, then you may be limited when pursuing your legal options.

Our website has more on slip-and-fall accidents and what to do if you fall on someone else’s property. If you’re not sure if they’re going to be liable, your attorney will be able to give you more insight and let you know what to do to help move your claim forward.



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