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Alternative dispute resolution is the right choice for some

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2019 | Divorce Alternative Dispute Resolution |

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is perfect for people going through a divorce because it encompasses at least two different ways to resolve disputes. One of the primary ways is through mediation. The other is through arbitration.

With each of these dispute resolution options, the parties can choose if the results will be binding or nonbinding. In a nonbinding ADR case, the results from mediation or arbitration don’t have to be final. That means that there is room for more negotiation.

If you choose to go through binding mediation or arbitration, then the results from your time in mediation or arbitration will be final. Both parties will have to adhere to the resolution, and there is no further room for negotiation.

Why choose ADR?

One major reason is that it is so much cheaper than going to court. Additionally, it gives you a chance to talk through your problems and to learn ways to communicate with one another. If you have a child or will have an ongoing relationship in the future despite going through a divorce, being able to communicate is going to be essential.

If you believe that mediation or arbitration may be the solution to your divorce conflicts, reach out to your attorney to talk about how you can work with a mediator or arbitrator in the near future. If the other party agrees to work with you and negotiate, then either arbitration or mediation can be a good solution for your divorce disputes.

Our website has more information on alternative dispute resolution and how it can help you get through your divorce in less time and at a lower cost.



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