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Alimony is often a sore topic to those spouses who have to pay it. It is meant to provide fair compensation and support to a spouse after divorce. Many financial factors are taken into account to calculate a payment that allows the supported spouse to maintain a standard of living as near as possible to what they enjoyed during the marriage without placing the paying spouse in the poorhouse.

It can be a delicate balance. However, like in most things, circumstances can change. Loss of a job or a lowering of income can make an alimony payment too heavy or unfair. Moreover, situations such as an increase in income or the sale of a business can make the alimony payment no longer represent a payment that compensates the receiving spouse for their contributions to the marriage. In such cases it may be necessary to petition the court for an alimony modification.

The Law Office of Laufer, Dalena, Cadicina, Jensen & Bradley, our experienced attorneys have aided clients across Chatham, Chester, Harding, Mendham and across Morris County to petition and contest alimony modification. Because we practice exclusively family law and divorce law, we are able to provide knowledgeable and focused sound legal advice in any family matter, including alimony and alimony modifications. Contact us today to schedule a free and confidential consultation today.

Morris County Alimony Modifications: When and How?

The 1980 NJ Supreme Court case Lepis v. Lepis set the standard for alimony judgment modification. When requesting an alimony modification, you must demonstrate to the court an “acceptable” change of circumstances and how that change has “substantially impaired your ability to support yourself.” This applies if the paying spouse or the spouse being supported petitions the alimony modification.

In New Jersey courts will accept the following changes in circumstance (according to the NJ Rev Statutes 2A:34-23 2014 )as reasons for re-examining an alimony judgment:

  • Cost of living increase
  • Reduction of income or unemployment by either party
  • Increased income by the party receiving alimony
  • Retirement
  • The onset of an illness, disability or infirmity
  • Substantial inheritance received by the party receiving alimony
  • The party receiving alimony loses an apartment or house
  • The party receiving spousal support enters a “marriage-like” relationship with a member of the opposite sex that involves co-habitation

Because one of these elements must be proven to the court’s satisfaction, it is best to have an experienced and skilled Morris County attorney as your advocate.

How can a Morristown Attorney Help With My Alimony Modification?

The courts usually have many people petitioning for alimony modifications in addition to many other critical family law issues that affect people laws greatly. For this reason it is important to have someone with you in this process with experience and skill. Understanding what constitutes acceptable proof can save you time, money and frustrations. Someone with an intimate knowledge of not only the in’s and out’s of the family law courts but your individual needs and concerns can make all the difference in your petition.

Contact a Parsipanny Alimony Modification Lawyer Today

The Law Office of Laufer, Dalena, Cadicina, Jensen & Bradley, have helped clients across Harding, Chester, Chatham, Mendham, and Morris County resolve their alimony modification petitions successfully.

If you are facing an alimony modification petition or want to pursue an alimony modification our firm has the legal knowledge, experience and skills you need to ensure a successful result. Many of our attorneys have been nominated to the Super Lawyers list as it relates to family law, signifying industry and peer recognition of their legal knowledge, trial skills, and ability to communicate with clients.

Schedule a free and confidential consultation with one of our skilled and highly rated family law attorneys today regarding your alimony modification issues. Please contact us online or by phone at our Morristown office at (our office.



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