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Divorce mediation is a method of alternative dispute resolution (or ADR) commonly used in New Jersey. As opposed to litigation, mediation takes a more cooperative, communicative approach to resolving issues during divorce. However, many clients have unfounded reservations about choosing mediation, fearing that they may not be able to resolve all of their critical legal disputes. 

Today, our divorce mediation attorneys will define mediation and discuss how it can be used to resolve even the most complex issues which can arise during divorce proceedings.

Morris County, NJ Divorce Mediation Attorneys Define Mediation

There are two high level concerns for any divorcing couple: seeking a legal divorce through the New Jersey Family Court system and reaching a reasonable divorce settlement agreement. Mediation is used to help with the latter. Your Morris County divorce mediation attorney may be able to use mediation to help you and your spouse draft an enforceable and equitable settlement agreement during your divorce.

The mediation process requires a neutral mediator who will represent both parties. Spouses may choose to either hire a mediation attorney to act as their mediator, independent legal counsel to represent themselves, or both. It is important to understand that while a qualified mediation attorney can act either as your mediator or as your independent counsel, they may not act as both.

The mediation process entails collecting evidence, hearing the perspective of both parties, and considering the unique details of your case. Each spouse will have ample opportunity to express his or her needs and concerns. At the end of the process, your mediator will issue a non-binding recommendation based on the facts which you and your spouse can choose to either accept or reject.

Chester Mediation Lawyers Resolve Financial Issues of Divorce

Every divorce involves financial considerations. After all, you are taking a commingled financial life and splitting it into two independent ones. Your Chester mediation lawyer can use mediation to resolve the following financial issues:

Equitable Distribution of Assets – during the divorce process, marital assets must be divided between spouses. Commonly divided assets include owned real estate, owned businesses, complex assets, retirement assets, and much more.

Alimony – there are no hard and fast rules in New Jersey to determine fair alimony terms. This can lead to contentious disputes between divorcing spouses. A qualified mediator can bridge this gap and explain why his or her recommendation is a good choice for both parties.

Mendham Divorce Mediation Attorneys Discuss Issues Facing Parents During Divorce

Issues regarding children are often the most hotly debated for co-parents going through a divorce. The mediation process is capable of resolving these disputes while reducing the stresses of what can be a very difficult process.

Child Custody – securing a reasonable child custody agreement is often the number one priority for New Jersey parents during divorce. Much like a judge in family court, a qualified mediator will consider your unique family situation and render a recommendation based on the best interests of the child. One of the many advantages of the mediation process is that both co-parents will have the opportunity to make their voices heard.

Child Support – to help custodial parents with the many expenses of raising a child, child support considerations are common. While New Jersey uses a formula to help determine child support, there is always room for leeway. Co-parents can come to reasonable resolution with the help of a mediator.

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The divorce mediation lawyers of Laufer, Dalena, Cadicina, Jensen & Bradley, LLC have extensive experience serving Morris County clients in towns such as Morristown, Chester, Harding, Chatham, Mendham, Morris Township, and all of Northern New Jersey. We take pride in offering alternative conflict resolution such as mediation and arbitration for our clients going through divorce. Our firm believes that mediation offers a great way to amicably resolve divorce disputes without unnecessary costly and time consuming litigation.

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