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Business Valuation As Part of Divorce in New Jersey

Complex Property Division in New Jersey

New Jersey Domestic Violence Law
New Jersey law takes allegations of domestic violence very seriously. In 2007, there were more than 71,000 cases of domestic violence reported in the state. Victims of domestic violence have legal tools available to help provide them with the protection they need from their abusers. However, it is important that these tools are used wisely and appropriately — false allegations of domestic violence can ruin an innocent person’s life and result in severe consequences, including criminal charges.

How Will My Retirement Assets be Distributed and Will Any Penalties or Taxes be Imposed on the Transaction

New Jersey Supreme Court Rules On Same-Sex Marriage
On October 25, 2006, at the hearing of Lewis v. Harris, all seven Justices of the New Jersey Supreme Court agreed that the New Jersey Constitution provides for full legal rights for same sex partners.

I had an affair. My wife says I am at fault for our divorce, and she plans to take all the property in the divorce. Will she get everything?
Divorce Magazine Article by Elisabeth L. Rowley, Esq. March 24, 2005 – No, it is highly unlikely that she would “get everything” and it certainly would not be the result of you having an affair. It is true that in New Jersey there are both fault and no-fault grounds for divorce; however, from a practical standpoint, fault will not play a major role in your divorce case….

Common Law Marriage: MYTH: “If you live in a common-law marriage, are you entitled to the same support and property division as if you were legally married?”
by William M. Laufer, Esq. – If you are a partner in a common-law marriage, you may be entitled to “palimony.” However, the principals of equitable distribution and counsel fee awards do not apply to you. Although common-law marriages and cohabitation situations are occurring more frequently in today’s society, the laws do not provide the same protection for persons residing together as those who are legally married….

Divorced Parent’s Responsibility And Financial Obligation Towards Their Children’s College Expenses
by Joseph P. Cadicina, Esq. – The Courts in the State of New Jersey have recognized an obligation on the part of divorced parents to be responsible for contribution towards the college educational expenses of their children. The theory is based upon the fact that children should be provided with the opportunity to obtain a college education regardless of their parents’ marital status. This issue has been litigated in various fashions. Over the years, the Courts have consistently determined that divorced parents have an obligation to contribute towards the college education of their children. The most important case on this issue was decided in Newburgh v. Arrigo case, 88 N.J. 529 (1982)…

Divorce Mediation Can Provide Damage Control In Future Family Relationships
By William M. Laufer, Esq. – People do not get married to get divorced. Thus, divorce is a terrible disappointment, regardless of whose decision it is. In fact, it is this disappointment, and the fear, hurt and anger that follows, that can make a divorce so difficult…

Facts On The Child Support Guidelines
By William Laufer, Esq. and Jennifer L. McInerney, Esq.- If you are a parent, presently involved in a divorce litigation, or in the alternative, contemplating filing for divorce against your spouse, the issue of child support has surely crossed your mind. The concept of child support is generally simple…

Importance Of Lifestyle Analysis In Divorce Cases
by William M. Laufer, Esq. and Joseph P. Cadicina, Esq. – Since the New Jersey Supreme Court’s decision in Crews v. Crews, 164 N.J. 11 (2000), the Courts throughout the State of New Jersey have been required to conduct a Lifestyle Analysis prior to entering a Final Judgment of Divorce. The Trial Court must be satisfied that both parties can maintain a lifestyle which is reasonably comparable to the standard enjoyed during the marriage…

New Court Rules For The Family Division
By Joseph P. Cadicina, Esq.- The Supreme Court of New Jersey has adopted significant rule amendments in the Family Law Practice – effective April 5 – that have dramatically changed the procedures that attorneys and clients must follow in matrimonial litigation…

NJ Appellate Court Backs Mediation Model In Landmark Decision Long Awaited Decision Allows Limited Scope of Representation in Mediated Cases Princeton, NJ (April 23, 2003)
The New Jersey Appellate Division affirmed a decision by the lower court upholding mediation and its values of self-determination and dismissing a legal malpractice action against attorney William F. Laufer. The Court, in Lerner v. Laufer, …

Relocating Outside The State Of New Jersey
By Jennifer L. McInerney, Esq. – New Jersey places strict limits upon the ability of a custodial parent to relocate with children outside of its jurisdiction. In fact, the “removal” statute, N.J.S.A. 9:2-2, prohibits the removal of children of divorced or separated parents from the State of New Jersey without Court authorization unless both parents consent, or the children themselves consent if they are deemed old enough…

The New Standard On Relocation Out Of State With A Minor
By Joseph P. Cadicina, Esq. and Kimberly Gronau, Esq.- The Court has jurisdiction over custody and maintenance of the minor children of divorced or separated parents. Also, if the children are natives of New Jersey or have resided in the state for five years, they shall not be removed out of New Jersey against their own consent, if of suitable age to express same to the Court…

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Residential Real Estate Closings; Pitfalls to Avoid & What to Expect
by Christine M. Dalena, Esq. – In 1995, the New Jersey Supreme Court held that neither buyers nor sellers of residential real estate are required to use an attorney to handle real estate closings. There are, however, compelling reasons to retain an attorney when involved in a real estate matter…

A Retired Superior Court Judge’s Perspective on Processing a Case in a Public vs. Private Forum













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