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Morris County Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

Pedestrian accidents can have devastating consequences. These accidents are often caused by driver negligence. An attorney can represent you when involved in a pedestrian accident, helping protect your rights.

Laufer, Dalena, Jensen, Bradley & Doran, LLC, has established lawyers who serve clients in Morristown, Northern and Central New Jersey. Our law firm represents victims of pedestrian accidents. When we take on your case, we always put your interests first.

Causes Of Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents are not uncommon. These accidents often result in devastating injuries such as broken bones, back and neck injuries, or even fatalities. These incidents can be attributed to various factors, including:

  • Walking and running accidents: In areas like Morristown and Morris County, where there are numerous spots popular with joggers, the risk of accidents increases. Factors such as low visibility, speeding vehicles or the absence of sidewalks may contribute to incidents involving pedestrians walking or running along roads.
  • Crosswalk accidents: Despite being designed for pedestrian safety, crosswalks can become sites of accidents if drivers fail to yield the right of way, distracted driving or pedestrians crossing against signals.

However, despite preventive measures, accidents may still occur. If you have been involved in a pedestrian accident, it is vital to seek legal representation. A skilled pedestrian accident attorney can help you navigate the complexities of insurance claims, understand your rights and seek fair compensation for your injuries and losses.

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Understanding the causes of pedestrian accidents is essential for helping prevent accidents and improve the safety of pedestrians. However, pedestrian accidents are unpredictable, and they can leave devastating injuries, including broken bones, spinal cord damage and brain damage.

Laufer, Dalena, Jensen, Bradley & Doran, LLC, has a proven track record of success in representing those who have suffered personal injury due to an accident in Morris County, New Jersey. Call 973-975-4043 today or contact us online for a consultation.