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What are the most dangerous highways in New Jersey?

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Location plays a major role in car crash risk. For example, the average person is more likely to get into a car crash when they’re closer to home, possibly because they are less attentive on the roads on which they have the most driving experience.

There are some places where car crashes are more likely to occur than others for drivers in general. Whether due to poor design at an intersection that resulted in a blind approach or high speed limits combined with high traffic density, certain locations are far more likely than others to be the site of Major motor vehicle collisions. When you know the roads where serious crashes happen most often in New Jersey, you can then more easily choose the safest way to get where you need to be.

What are the most dangerous roads in New Jersey?

Each of the top five most dangerous roads saw thousands of crashes and hundreds of injuries. The fifth most dangerous road in the state was Route 9. There were 4,405 there in 2018, and 1,165 left someone injured. The stretch in Old Bridge is the most dangerous portion of Route 9. I-80 is the fourth most dangerous road. The section between Route 19 and 20 is the riskiest section of the road. Overall, I-80 saw 4,722 crashes and 961 injuries.

Third place on the list goes to Route 1, particularly a portion of the road in West Windsor. Route 1 had 6,915 crashes, 1,596 of which lead to injuries. The New Jersey Turnpike saw 7,777 collisions in 2018, putting it in second place. The Garden State Parkway is the most dangerous road, with 10,363 wrecks in one year. It was also the road with the most deadly crashes in a single year.

Location does not affect your rights after a crash

However frequently collisions occur at a specific location, your decision to drive on a particular stretch of road will not affect your right to file an insurance claim or even a civil lawsuit against the other driver. Understanding where car crashes occur most frequently is a way for you to stay a little bit safer on the New Jersey roads.



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