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Reckless driving presents dangerous risks

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Some drivers have bad habits, and their behavior on the road puts others at risk. A reckless driver might cause a terrible collision that leaves a pedestrian, motorcyclist, or another driver fighting for their life. Not all examples of reckless driving in New Jersey involve unexpectedly outrageous actions. Often, common moving violations and impatient habits rise to pure recklessness.

Reckless driving explained

When someone drives with no regard for others’ safety, the person could engage in reckless driving. Speeding may be the most common example of reckless driving, and weaving in and out of lanes follows. Collisions caused by these unsafe continue to occur, despite the risk.

Distracted driving contributes to reckless behavior on the road. Distracted driving continues to cause numerous collisions, and the problem reflects one consistent example of why motor vehicle accidents occur. While there are several ways a driver might be liable for a collision, ill-advised decisions to send texts or even comb one’s hair could cause a crash. A person could follow the speed limit, but they behave recklessly if they aren’t paying any attention to the road.

Tailgating reflects a deliberate action caused by impatient drivers who attempt to force another vehicle to move faster or out of the way. Severe rear-end collisions might occur when a tailgater hits another car.

Recklessness in many forms

Drunk driving, splitting lanes, driving on the shoulder, and going through red lights reflect other examples of dangerous driving. Anyone causing an accident with such reckless behavior may face a personal injury lawsuit.

Negligence claims alone won’t likely lead to a satisfactory outcome in a civil case. Evidence becomes necessary, and the negligent party may attempt to deflect blame. However, an expert witness could testify that a crash occurred when the other driver was speeding or tailgating. Video footage may reveal the same.



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