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Why is it so important to have a good parenting plan?

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2021 | Family Law |

Couples who have divorced in New Jersey must consider their children. Once your marriage is over, you need a solid parenting plan in place. You should know why this is so important and how it can benefit everyone.

What is a parenting plan?

Per New Jersey family law, a parenting plan is a plan between parents that details how they will continue to raise their kids. With the plan in place, they can avoid potential disputes as they work together for the benefit of their children.

Part of the parenting plan determines parenting time. This lets the parents decide who gets the kids on certain days. For example, one parent might want the children to spend certain holidays with them. The other might prefer other times such as summers.

What are the benefits of a parenting plan?

A parenting plan carries certain benefits. Family law in New Jersey allows parents to work together and come to an agreement on what gets included. This results in fewer arguments and can even make the transition from married couple to divorced exes easier. Parents can decide on joint custody and take peace in knowing that they are both showing their children that they still equally love them.

The parents also don’t have to always stay in communication once they have a parenting plan. As long as they agree, they can stick with it and not have to regularly deal with one another.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of a good parenting plan is that the children get a sense of security. They can see that both parents are still there for them and that even though they are no longer together, they are able to maintain peace within the family for their sake. A parenting plan gives kids structure and consistency as the schedule remains set unless there’s a valid reason to make changes to it.



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