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Are there “typical” workers’ compensation claims?

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

As part of their routine duties, employees in New Jersey may face injury risks. Unforeseen accidents, long-term problems from repetitive actions and other issues might lead to injuries on the job. Several specific injuries seem to appear most frequently on workers’ compensation claims.

Injuries that workers commonly suffer

Since so many jobs require physical activity, strains and overexertion rank high on the list of common workers’ comp claims. Lifting something that’s too heavy might lead to a regrettable outcome. A person could find him or herself out of work for an extended period while in recovery.

Slips and falls at the workplace happen, and preventing them might not always be possible. Even the safest workplace may see a worker trip or slip and fall. The resultant injury might even be as severe as head and spinal injuries.

Falling objects may hit someone, leading to injury. As is the case with slip-and-fall accidents, being hit by an object could result in serious harm.

Other injuries that workers face

Truck drivers and others involved with transportation and delivery may find themselves hurt in an accident. Even workers who spend time at an office are at risk for car accidents. It’s possible to get struck as a pedestrian in a parking lot or while crossing the street.

Machinery and tools don’t always combine well with mishaps. An experienced employee could make a mistake and suffer a terrible accident.

Getting workers’ compensation

Injuries may derive from many causes. Thankfully, employees may find workers’ compensation helpful while they recover. Of course, the claim must receive approval first.

Filing for workers’ compensation may come with unexpected hurdles. Speaking with an attorney about the claims process is wise because an attorney may help a client file the claim or deal with any denials.



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