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What are common reasons for fatal car crashes?

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Some New Jersey roads might be more traveled than others, but all streets, highways, and expressways come with dangers. Accidents could happen anywhere in the Garden State, and collisions present the risk for a severe injury or even a fatality. Statistics show that particular crashes may bring an even greater chance for death. Sadly, there are instances where such accidents prove unavoidable due to someone’s negligence.

Fatal accident incidents in New Jersey

A head-on collision could lead to catastrophe. Many highways are single-lane, and the chance for a head-on collision increases if a driver speeds and decides to make an illegal pass. Double lines appear on highways for a reason.

Of course, rear-end collisions could lead to fatalities. Think of a tractor-trailer crashing into the back of a compact vehicle. Sometimes, the smaller car ends up crushed. Often, tailgating, another moving violation, contributes to rear collisions.

In reality, numerous moving violations increase the chances of an accident. However, the potential for a fatal crash may go up most dramatically when a driver takes to the wheel impaired. While under the influence of alcohol or drugs, someone might not maintain control of a car. Devastating accidents may follow.

Other potential risks for fatal accidents

Drivers who remain sober and consciously avoid committing moving violations might still present risks to others. Their driving behavior might be inherently dangerous, even though they might not realize it. How so? Many drivers engage in distracted driving. That is, they involve themselves with an activity that takes concentration off the road. Texting, carrying on an argument with a passenger, eating, or fidgeting with a GPS may lead to an accident. Drowsy driving is another problem, and it may cause a fatality for reasons similar to distracted driving: poor concentration and reflexes.

And is the vehicle properly maintained? Does everyone wear their seatbelts? “Little things” such as these are not so little. Being a more responsible owner and driver might save lives.

A personal injury attorney could assist survivors after a fatal car crash. A wrongful death claim may be necessary to recover incredible losses.



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