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Engagement rings and divorce rates

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2021 | Divorce |

Every year, thousands of New Jersey couples decide to end their marriages. When you finally choose to divorce, it can be a time of soul-searching. You may look back on the past and wonder if there were any warning signs. It turns out that the ring on your finger may have been an indicator of problems ahead.

Wedding expenses and divorce rates

An engagement ring is one of the first major expenses that a couple takes on as they prepare for marriage. It is not the size of the diamond or the style of the ring, but it is the overall cost that may be linked to divorce rates. For reasons that are not entirely clear, high wedding expenses seem to correlate with higher rates of divorce.

Creating financial stress

One possibility is the financial stress of taking on debt early in a marriage. When people get married in their 20s or early 30s, they are at the beginning of their career paths. Starting with significant debt can put strain on a relationship. This stress only increases as the couple starts a family and takes on more expenses.

Mistaking flash for substance

A big diamond on an engagement ring feels like it is a sign of commitment. However, a strong marriage develops in times that are neither flashy nor exciting. Couples that are preparing to marry may be better off buying a less expensive ring and spending some time and money on premarital counseling. This investment can help a couple deal with difficult questions and discussions before saying I do.

A sad reminder

If you have decided that you need to end your marriage, it is a difficult time. Your engagement ring and wedding band may have become reminders of sad memories. Working with a legal professional can help you resolve your differences and end your marriage with dignity.



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