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Psychologists: What is their role during custody battles?

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2020 | Family Law |

Although most divorce proceedings in New Jersey experience few issues, there are those that will require additional professionals to come into the picture. This is usually seen when parents are fighting for custody of their child. If the child is a minor, it can be difficult to determine who the child wants to be with. Further confusion comes in when one parent (or both) claims that the other is unfit to be the sole caretaker. The following includes information about the role of a psychologist during a custody battle.

Finding what’s best for the child

As stated above, most courts and family law attorneys will turn to the child to prove that they prefer to be with one parent over the other. However, a minor has not reached the maturity level to make this very important decision just yet. A psychologist will spend time with the child in hopes of clarifying the child’s feelings toward each parent. The psychologist will likely ask who feeds them, puts clothes on them and takes care of them in general.

The psychologist and the parents

In many cases, one parent will claim that the other is not fit to take care of the child. A psychologist will sit with each parent separately and question them about what exactly they do with the child. At the same time, they will take notes about the parent’s mental state and present this information to the courts. It’s likely that the court will use this information to make a decision, viewing the psychologist as a third party who has no interest in the outcome of the case other than doing what’s best for the child.

Although the information of a psychologist will go into consideration, it is still recommended to have an attorney with experience in child custody hearings. They may be able to use the information in a more effective manner.



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