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How to treat a dog bite injury

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Pet owners in New Jersey may want to know how to treat a dog bite at home before seeking outside medical help. The safety of the bite victim, the rescuer and the dog are all possible considerations. It’s important to remember that dogs often bite out of fear rather than aggression.

Secure the dog

According to health professionals, you should first secure the dog away from the patient. The dog may have used the biting as a way to defend their territory. You want to make sure that the animal will not bite again.

Treat the wound immediately

Control the bleeding, if possible, with the help of the patient. Do not use a tourniquet unless you can’t control bleeding by other means. Remember to take universal precautions and wear protective PPE while treating the wound. After the bleeding has stopped, you should clean the bite with soap and warm water.

Cover the wound with a clean dry dressing. Antibiotic ointment is not necessary. In the coming days, watch out for pus, redness, swelling and heat, which could indicate an infection.

A doctor’s visit may be necessary

Some wounds are deep and need medical attention and possibly antibiotics. This is when you should call a doctor. Keep in mind that you may live in an area that requires reporting of dog bites to monitor the dog.

Whether the dog has had a rabies shot will be a question. Possibly, the patient might need stitches.

Sustaining a personal injury, such as a dog bite, may be frightening and cause hardship in the future. Even if the dog belongs to a friend, it might be right to consult with a personal injury attorney who has experience in this legal field. You might want to find a law firm with compassion and understanding to address this issue.



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