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Car collisions that cause femur fractures

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2020 | Injuries |

Since femur bones are one of the strongest and most resilient bones in the body, femur fractures are incredibly painful and dangerous. Motor vehicle accidents are the primary reason people experience femur fractures, even before high falls, because it takes sizeable force to break the femur. After a collision, victims should go immediately to the hospital to have a doctor treat a possible femur fracture. Driver negligence in New Jersey could cause major accidents that result in these types of injuries and create the potential for personal injury litigation.

High-impact accidents and femur trauma

Femur bones have components called femoral heads that connect to your hip and femoral necks, commonly referred to as thigh bones. These are durable against most impacts, but car accidents could cause enough pressure to break or splinter bones entirely.

Not only are femur injuries agonizing, but this trauma could also harm several other ligaments and muscles as well as blood vessels. Sometimes, the femur protrudes outside of the skin after an accident, and this puts the victim at higher risk for infections. People on motorcycles and pedestrians more commonly experience femur fractures since they do not have a car to protect them a bit during collisions.

Hospital visits after femur fractures

Seeking medical help right after a car accident is important, especially if you suspect that you have a femur injury. Doctors may be able to treat smaller fractures or partial breaks with a cast and crutches paired with rest. However, total breaks or massive splintering along your femur bone could require the doctor to perform surgeries and reconstruct the femur with metal rods. You might also have to do physical therapy. This can help the bone recover and prevent further complications. A doctor might have to treat an infection as well.

Femur fractures are serious types of trauma that may occur in a high-impact car accident. If you or a loved one has endured a femur fracture due to driver negligence, a personal injury lawyer may assist you in pursuing proper compensation.



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