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Be flexible in 50-50 co-parenting arrangements

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2020 | Family Law |

A New Jersey divorce that ends in a 50-50 custody split will most likely result in the children alternating weeks between their parents’ homes. While that may be the most convenient solution, experts are now recommending against this traditional custody split because of the impact that it may have on the children.

The younger children are, the more difficult that it is to spend one week away from a parent. This could lead to separation anxiety as children suffer from the distance for a prolonged period of time. Even worse, the separation could cause a child to grow more distant from a parent when they are apart. While parents are trying to do what is predictable and easy, it may end up being self-defeating because it is not in the children’s best interests.

There may also be logistical hurdles to overcome as parents may find it difficult to get the flexibility that they need from their job for a week straight. Experts now recommend several different ways that parents can divide the time with the children in half while moving the kids more often. While the previous thinking was that it was better to keep children in one place for longer, people are now realizing that it is preferable to minimize the time that they are away from one parent.

One may need the help of a family law attorney in order to propose the best possible child custody agreement that could work best for the children. This could take some negotiation between the two sides in order to hammer out the best way to divide parenting time in a way that furthers the well-being of the children. If it is possible, the attorney might help resolve the custody in a manner that avoids the courtroom and furthers co-parenting.



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