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Child’s family wins case after she’s hurt on playground slide

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2019 | Personal Injury |

Personal injuries can range from traumatic head injuries to sprained ankles. No matter what kind you suffer from, it’s frustrating and can make it hard to do the things you love.

Even if you get medical treatment after an accident, some injuries aren’t guaranteed to heal completely. You may also suffer from scarring that lasts many years (or the rest of your life). That’s why it’s important to hold those who harmed you responsible for their actions.

Injury cases involving children are some of the most terrifying for everyone who works with the case. Take, for example, this playground-based lawsuit out of New Jersey.

A kindergartner was sliding down a playground slide when she started going too fast and ended up getting hurt. Her arm was hurt so badly that she ended up with scars that her attorney believes will impact her long into the future.

Her parents sued the school district stating that the slide was too steep. School slides are not supposed to be more than 30-degree angles, but this one was 35.2. The lawsuit claimed that the school was negligent by failing to make sure the slide was up to the state’s safety standards and by failing to properly supervise children on the slide. Their lawsuit did not have to go to trial, and the family settled outside court for $170,000.

This is a shocking situation because it’s expected that school playgrounds will be safe. If your child is hurt on one due to dangerous playground equipment, you may also be able to file a claim against the school district for its negligence.



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