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Mediation could be a good solution to your divorce woes

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2019 | Uncategorized |

When you and your spouse first decided to get a divorce, you were in agreement. In fact, you didn’t think there were many hard feelings at all. You’d simply grown apart, and you both felt like it was better that you separated.

While you were thinking that the divorce would be amicable, your spouse apparently had other intentions. For most assets, there was no question about who would keep them, but for your major assets, your spouse has done nothing but argue. Even when you believe you’re being fair, they still reject any ideas you propose.

Mediation could work in your situation

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution technique that helps people work through disputes during their divorces. It works well for people who have already separated most of their assets or decided on a number of aspects of the divorce but still have a few disputes remaining.

How does mediation work?

First, both you and your spouse have to agree to go to mediation for it to be successful. Once there, you’ll meet with a third-party mediator. This mediator will sit down with you and talk about the issues that you’re having.

One of the major benefits of mediation is that the mediator is not there to convince you to do one thing or the other. They aren’t there to make decisions for you, either. Instead, their goal is to guide you both to reasonable solutions that you agree on. The mediator will also take steps to keep you on track, so that you don’t get distracted by arguing or going on tangents.

While in mediation, you can both have an attorney present. It’s sometimes a good idea to do this, since your attorney can draw up paperwork for any agreements you come to at the time you agree on them. Without a binding agreement through one or both of your attorneys, mediation will not be binding. That means that one or both of you could go through mediation and then later reject the solution that you came up with.

If you believe that mediation would be a good solution for your divorce concerns, reach out to your attorney. They can discuss possible mediators and whether they believe that mediation, or another kind of alternative dispute resolution, would be a good choice for your case. With the right help, you can move past your current disputes.



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