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Child custody is amongst the most important issues during New Jersey divorce. The terms of a child custody agreement may determine where a child lives, which co-parents may make major life choices, and how much time a child will spend with each parent. It is therefore vital for co-parents to understand child custody regulations and what factors play a role in determining child custody agreements. Whether you are seeking temporary child custody during divorce or an amicable child custody agreement, working with a qualified and experienced family law attorney can make all the difference.

Today, our child custody attorneys will identify some of the many determining factors which may play a role in local child custody hearings and discuss some methods by which co-parents can reach fair and sustainable custody agreements.

Factors Considered in Morris County, NJ Child Custody Hearings

No two families are alike. Therefore no two divorce or child custody legal proceedings will be alike either. This is an important distinction, as what may be a major factor in your case may not be a factor at all in another. With this in mind, here are some of the most frequently considered factors when it comes to child custody hearings:

  • The existing relationship between co-parents and their ability to effectively communicate regarding scheduling, childcare, and other important issues
  • The existing relationship between the child and each co-parent
  • The ability of each co-parent to provide a secure, safe, and nurturing home for the child
  • Any pre-existing special needs of the child and the ability of each co-parent to provide for those needs
  • The financial situation of each parent including their current employment
  • History of violent crimes, substance abuse issues or domestic violence – if any exist
  • Much more based on your individual circumstances

Chester Child Custody Attorneys Use Different Methods to Reach Child Custody Agreements

Now that we have established the general factors which play a role in determining child custody, what options are available to co-parents to resolve their differences? A qualified Chester child custody attorney may suggest any of the following dispute resolution methods based on your unique needs:

Negotiation – it is not only possible, but encouraged for parents to work with attorneys to draft their own child custody agreements outside of court. This typically takes the form of a negotiation process where each party can respectfully state their concerns and their desired outcome with the end goal of drafting an enforceable agreement.

Mediation – some co-parents prefer to use alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation or arbitration. Mediation entails an impartial and unbiased mediator acting as a go-between with two disputing parties. He or she will examine the evidence of your case and simulate a judge’s decision using similar criteria. Mediation is a non-binding legal process while arbitration may either be binding or non-binding.

Litigation – the option to take your child custody dispute to the NJ Superior Court is always an option. This may be done independently or as part of your larger overall divorce process. This option can be more expensive and time consuming, but may ultimately be worth the hassle in some situations.

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