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If you and your spouse are on good terms going into a divorce, it can be tempting to go through the divorce process without the advocacy of an experienced matrimonial attorney. For most individuals, this is their first time going through an incredibly complex and impactful legal process, which can carry long term effects to multiple aspects of your life including your children, your owned property, your financial well-being, and much more. 

Our Morris County divorce attorneys certainly love to hear that a divorce is amicable, but there are still a litany of reasons to consider securing the services of an experienced attorney. Today, we will discuss a few of these reasons and explain how going it alone is a risk not worth taking.

Morris County, NJ Divorce Attorneys: Complex Issues in a Divorce

“Getting a divorce” is not as simple as walking to the courthouse on your lunch break and signing a few forms. Divorces also require a divorce agreement, which may include any or all of the following considerations:

  • Division of assets – New Jersey follows equitable distribution regulations, meaning that assets are split fairly, but not necessarily evenly. This can lead to complex situations when it comes to dividing your owned assets, properties, businesses, etc.
  • Child Custody – the custody of children is an extremely important issue to parents. This aspect alone is often enough for parents to agree that a legal advocate is a great idea
  • Child Support – a huge factor in your financial future whether you are going to be the payee or payor
  • Alimony – similar to child support, without legal help you could be leaving money on the table

Mendham Family Lawyers Handle the Nuts and Bolts of Divorce

Again, divorce is unfortunately not a simple errand to be checked off a list. Even if you and your spouse are in the highly unlikely situation where you are in 100 percent agreement about the terms of your divorce and how you would like to handle it moving forward, actually filing for and being granted a divorce can be a complicated process in and of itself.

New Jersey regulations require that those filing for divorce file the initial paperwork, receive a copy of the complaint, send copies of this paperwork on to law enforcement, file an “appearance”, “answer”, or “counterclaim”, and so on. For our Mendham attorneys with decades of experience, this is just another day on the job. For divorcing individuals with a million other things to consider, it is very likely that one or more aspects of the legal process will fall through the cracks.

Chester Divorce Attorneys Discuss Enforceable and Advantageous Agreements

The long term impacts of your divorce agreements can by wide reaching and potentially damaging for divorcing individuals. Our Chester divorce attorneys understand your legal rights and will draft your agreement to protect you and your family not only in the immediate aftermath of a divorce, but well into the future as well.

For example, many individuals express a desire to waive child support or alimony payments owed to them because they feel they do not need the extra funds. However, it can be difficult to properly forecast your financial future, particularly for those who have grown accustomed to the income of their ex spouse as well.

In addition to avoiding unfavorable terms, working with an attorney will also ensure that your agreement is legally enforceable. You and your spouse can write a 50 page agreement full of caveats and personal preferences, all of which may be thrown out if there ever comes a time to enforce the terms. Our Chester legal team will guide you in the right direction and advise what should and should not be included.

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