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Divorce is a difficult time even under the best circumstances. Family dynamics change, you may be moving, your social life will change, parents have their children’s happiness to consider, and of course there is the impact on your finances. Amongst all of this, there is the expense of the divorce proceedings themselves. While it is not possible for our Morristown divorce lawyers to give precise figures, we can explain some of the factors which may impact the overall cost of your divorce. 

Chester, NJ Divorce Attorneys Help Choose Divorce Conflict Resolution Method

Divorce proceedings and in turn, the services provided by family law attorneys, are not one size fits all. There are several methods our Chester attorneys use to resolve conflicts and reach a successful divorce agreement for clients. For contentious or complicated divorces, litigation may be inevitable. This can often be the most expensive option as it generally takes the most amount of hours, involves the most red tape, and ultimately can be stretched out over weeks or months. It also may be worth it to reach a fair and legally binding resolution to your divorce.

Alternatives to litigation based divorce include mediation and arbitration. Using a mediator to reach a resolution can be cost effective and collaborative in nature, as you and your spouse will be allowed fair and equal time to present your cases to an impartial mediator, who will ultimately give his or her recommendation on next steps.

Arbitration is very similar to mediation, with the main difference being that the results of the arbitration process are legally binding whereas mediators generally only give a recommendation. In some cases, arbitration offers the fastest and least expensive solution because of its straightforward and final decisions.

Complex Divorces Impact Cost of Divorce in Morris County

In addition to the divorce method you and your spouse choose to resolve your disputes, another major factor in the cost of your divorce is the complexity of the issues at hand. If you have been married for six months, have no children, and do not share much marital property, your divorce will be faster and cheaper than a married couple of 30 years with two minor children who own a business together. The following may complicate your proceedings, ultimately leading to a costlier divorce:

  • Complex Family Finances – if your divorce involves high net worth, owned family businesses, owned properties, and more, your division of assets may be extremely complicated
  • Child Custody – when and for how long both parents will be able to see and care for their children is often amongst the important aspects of divorce for parents. If you and your spouse are not on the same page, this issue alone can account for time draining arguments
  • Child Support – while child support calculations are used in the majority of cases between divorcing parent in New Jersey, there are still legal complexities which can lead to drawn out battles over who owes what
  • Alimony – similar to child support, alimony payments are often contested as they are perceived to be unfair for one side or the other (or in some cases, both)
  • Relocation – moving away with the kids is a hot button topic for divorce and can lead to a trickle down impact on other areas of divorce agreements when children are involved

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