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The legal process of dividing marital property varies from state to state. In New Jersey, courts split marital property under “equitable distribution” standards. This does not necessarily mean equal in the sense of 50/50, but a fair division based on the facts of the marriage.

The family law firm of Laufer Dalena Cadicina Jensen & Boyd is one of the most established law firms in northern New Jersey. Our Morristown division of assets lawyers are committed to excellence, which means working hard for a property division result that is in our clients’ best interests. We offer experienced and quality family lawyers, as many of them have been nominated to the Super Lawyers / Super Lawyer Rising Star lists. Be sure to check out our team’s nominations in the section below.

Randolph Asset Division Lawyers Offer a Variety of Approaches to Asset Division

In equitable distribution states such as New Jersey, there is quite a bit of room for an experienced Chatham asset division attorney to work with in order to enhance a divorcing individual’s retained assets. There are two common ways to resolve property division disputes:

  • Litigation. Divorce courts look at 11 criteria when making decisions regarding property division. At Laufer Dalena Cadicina Jensen & Boyd, we can ensure that 1) all valuable information advantageous to your case is presented to the court, and that 2) you have an advocate in the courts throughout your property division proceedings.
  • Mediation and arbitration. Alternative dispute resolution can save you time and money, reduce conflict, protect your privacy and give you greater control over the results. Our family law attorney team includes numerous certified divorce mediators.

Marital Property versus Separate Property New Jersey

The first question that needs to be answered in any asset division case is what property belongs to the marriage, and what property belongs to one individual party in the marriage. As a general rule of thumb, if one party contributed financially, spent time on, or made personal sacrifices in order for the marriage to attain or grow assets (like a family business), then that property will be considered a marital asset, and subject to equitable distribution.

On the other hand, if one party owned certain assets like real estate properties prior the marriage, and their spouse did not make any contributions to the maintenance, value, or sustainability of that property, then it will most likely be considered separate property, and as such not subject to equitable distribution laws.

At Laufer, Dalena, Cadicina, Jensen & Bradley, our experienced marital property attorneys help you effectively determine and prove which of your assets belongs to the marriage, and which are privately owned and outside of equitable distribution laws. We have already helped many clients across Mendham, Chatham, Chester, Madison, and the greater Morris County area to effectively and efficiently identity marital property and separate property, contact us today to let our experienced Morristown asset division lawyers do the same for you.

Mt. Olive NJ Property Division Lawyers Secure a Favorable and Equitable Settlement

Our Morristown division of assets lawyers are highly knowledgeable, experienced and skilled in managing marital property litigation and settlements. Yet, asset division can become difficult when numerous bank accounts, retirement accounts, overseas accounts, royalties, licenses, family businesses, inheritances, debts, and other complex assets are involved. Therefore, we work closely with forensic accountants and other experts to help secure your divorce settlement.

There are a great many options available when it comes to asset division, some people wish to retain possession of specific properties in exchange for financial buy outs, while others prefer to use marital assets to offset the later costs of spousal support payments.

It is also important that you consider the long-term implications of the retention or division of certain marital assets. While you may wish to keep the family home, it is possible that the cost of maintenance of that home is prohibitive, or that the difficulty of selling that property makes it a less attractive option. Conversely, dividing a family business may have detrimental consequences to the viability of that business, or it may make it a more agile and more profitable enterprise.

There is a great deal to consider and a large variety of options available when settling your marriage’s asset division agreement. The experienced equitable distribution attorneys of Laufer, Dalena, Cadicina, Jensen & Bradley are ready to provide you with guidance, advice, and tenacious legal counsel when it comes to your marital asset division agreement. Whether you wish to mediate your divorce outside of the courts and find effective compromises, or fight for what you truly deserve in a court of law, we are prepared to represent your interests throughout the entire process.

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At the law firm of Laufer, Dalena, Cadicina, Jensen & Bradley, many of our lawyers have extensive experience helping clients across Chatham, Mt. Olive, Parsippany, Randolph, and the surrounding communities to favorably and equitably resolve their asset division settlements. By practicing almost exclusively family and divorce law, we are uniquely suited to helping you navigate the many nuances and pitfalls of divorce and asset division settlements.

Many of our family law attorneys are also AV® Preeminent rated, signifying the highest industry standards of legal knowledge, ability to communicate, and litigation skills. Check out our attorney profile section for a complete list of accolades and qualifications.

We are available for evening and weekend appointments, and we are ready to speak with you today about marital asset litigation, settlement, and/or mediation. Contact us online or through our Morristown offices at 973-975-0441.













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