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Alternative dispute resolution helps resolve disputes

Alternative dispute resolution is a great way to get through your divorce without needing to go through a trial. It can be difficult to cope with a divorce and all the negotiations that come with it, but it's possible even if you and your spouse don't agree on everything.

Do you need an attorney for alternative dispute resolution?

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is a great process for resolving disputes when traditional sit-down conversations are not working. Some kinds of alternative dispute resolution include mediation, negotiation and arbitration.

Get help to resolve divorce conflicts outside court

Divorces can get out of hand. You and your spouse may no longer get along, and that can make things contentious. Instead of going through a conflict that heads to trial, a good option is to try alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

What kinds of alternative dispute resolution should you try?

Going through a divorce can be tough, but nothing is worse than knowing that each day is going to be a fight. If you and your spouse can't get along well, then it may be hard to agree to settlements or to negotiate with one another.

Why would you choose mediation if it is not binding?

Mediation is a type of alternative dispute resolution. It creates a more casual atmosphere where the couple going through the divorce can sit down with one another and discuss their specific dispute.

Can alternative dispute resolution help with custody issues?

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is a helpful way to resolve disputes during a divorce without going to trial. While the media may make it out to seem like every divorce goes to trial, that couldn't be further from the truth. In most cases, people are able to resolve their cases and settle disputes without a judge so that they can keep their divorces private.

Should you try alternative dispute resolution?

For divorcing couples who are able to settle most of their affairs on their own but have one or two disputes to get through, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) can be a great way to move forward. Alternative dispute resolution includes activities such as mediation or arbitration, both of which allow you to work through a dispute without having to go to trial.

What can you use alternative dispute resolution for?

One of the best ways to resolve a divorce dispute between two reasonable adults is through divorce alternative dispute resolution. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) tactics are fantastic for people who are willing to work together but may be having some trouble coming up with reasonable solutions to their disputes.

Alternative dispute resolution is the right choice for some

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is perfect for people going through a divorce because it encompasses at least two different ways to resolve disputes. One of the primary ways is through mediation. The other is through arbitration.

What divorcing couples can learn from the Bezoses

Amazon shareholders have been more than a little relieved that Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos' divorce from his wife MacKenzie has been an amicable and relatively uncomplicated one -- at least publicly. Despite the couple's vast wealth, they seem to have worked out a division of property and a parenting agreement with relatively little drama.

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