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At The Law Office of Laufer, Dalena, Cadicina, Jensen & Bradley, we have helped clients in Chatham, Parsippany, Roxbury and towns across Morris County to welcome a new member to their family. Adopting a child is a wonderful undertaking for any family, but the process involves a great many legal hurdles and snags, and requires a careful attention to detail.

According to N.J.S.A. 9:3-50, an adoptive parents enjoys the same relationship, rights, and responsibilities as any parent of a natural born child. It stands to reason then that the process to becoming an adoptive parent is exhaustive and ensures the future of the child is in good hands. Any time you are changing your rights and responsibilities in such a dramatic fashion, it is important that you retain experienced Morris County family law counsel to guide you through the legal process, and ensure you and your family’s rights are protected.

The law team of Laufer, Dalena, Cadicina, Jensen & Bradley has the experience, compassion, and dedication to family law you need to successfully navigate the adoption process in New Jersey. We take great joy helping any parent to adopt a child, and we are ready to begin helping you today.

New Jersey Adoption Laws

New Jersey is an extremely progressive state when it comes to adoption. People from all walks of life including same sex couples, single individuals, relatives, and family friends are all legally recognized as potential adoptive parents. Additionally, it is possible to adopt a child internationally, from out-of-state, adopt as a foster parent, adopt through a placement agency, adopt privately, and even adopt your step-child.

Whatever your particular situation, our family lawyers can help you make sure all of the necessary steps and protocols are followed correctly, while at the same time ensuring that you are not be taken advantage of by disreputable agencies or dishonest private adoptions.

Types of Adoption our Montville Adoption Lawyers Handle

As previously noted, there are many different kinds of legal adoptions in New Jersey. Our law offices are ready to assist you with any adoption you may be considering, as well as any post-adoption issues or conflicts you may have. Specific kinds of adoption we have experience handling include:

  • Private Adoptions – We have helped both the adoptive parents as well as the birth parents to ensure the smooth and legal transition of parental rights is followed
  • DYFS Adoptions –  We help foster parents negotiate subsidies and benefits for difficult to place children
  • Agency Adoptions – We help you to coordinate with the adoption agency, review all contracts involved, and help with home study issues until the adoption is finalized
  • Interstate Adoptions – Adopting a child from out of state requires additional steps and legal proceedings, we help you to navigate this process
  • International Adoptions – We help you to adopt a child internationally and ensure both U.S. as well as international adoption law is observed
  • Step-Parent Adoptions – We help step-parents ensure legal custody of the child is transferred from the birth parents to the step-parent
  • Grandparent Adoptions – We help grandparents become the legal parent of their grandchild

Our family law team is ready to coordinate with all of the varied parties involved in any adoption, draft and file all of the necessary legal documents, contact and negotiate with the birth parents surrendering their parental rights when applicable, and help you to change the legal name of your child. If you are serious about adopting a child, the risk of proceeding without legal representation is great. A mistake with any document can cost you your chances of being a parent, and a poorly negotiated contract with an agency or private adoption can have serious financial and legal consequences for you and your family moving forward. Contact our Morristown Adoption attorneys today to protect your rights and help you to safely and legally become the parent of a new child.

Contact our Morristown Adoption Attorneys Today

Our family law team takes great satisfaction from helping parents with any adoption matter. We handle all of the necessary legal documents involved with adoption while ensuring your rights are protected throughout the process.

Having already helped many clients across Montville, Randolph, Morris Township, Mt. Olive, and the greater Morris County area, we are ready to begin helping you today. If you are thinking about adopting a child, or have already embarked on the process and are seeking legal guidance, The Law Office of Laufer, Dalena, Cadicina, Jensen & Bradley is here for you. To speak with one of our adoption attorneys today regarding the adoption process and any concerns you may have, contact us online or through our Morristown office at 973-975-0441.













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